Money is no object.

“If money were no object, I would…”

Hold on a minute! Money IS no object. It isn’t an object. Really. Yes, it’s coins and bills and things but really, REALLY, when you look at the big picture, money isn’t an object, it’s a concept, a collection of digital blips, an energy, an abstraction.


Does that change anything for you?

A bunch of thoughts about money.

Here are some notes of the memorable ideas, concepts, thoughts and conclusions that came out of tonight’s conversations about money! To spark your own explorations and ponderings… Enjoy…

  • What is money the promise of? It doesn’t *really* exist.
  • We auction part of our lifespans in exchange for money (employment). You get money as an exchange for your lifespan.
  • Money is a unit of energy. Or maybe power. Work = money.
  • Money is a form of energy. A tool. In itself, it’s neutral.
  • 2 day weekends are filled with mundane non-work life stuff: shopping, cleaning, paying bills, etc. A 3 day weekend / 4 day week would allow time for contemplation. Thinking about life. Doing art. It wouldn’t mean necessarily doing less hours, just doing a few more every day over 4 days. It could happen!
  • Sharia banking? Something to look into and investigate.
  • There is (or may be) a link between me and some kind of shadowy oil company or arms manufacturer via the financial / banking system – through money, without any money actually existing. (It’s only digits on a screen.)
  • I choose to bank with the most ethical bank – but I have to take their word for it. They may just be the least worst choice.
  • How to get out of the banking system? Save money in a stocking under your bed. Buy gold, jewellery, property.
  • Having money means I can buy art. Art as an investment?
  • We don’t have relationships with our bank manager like people used to. That kinda sucks.
  • I make choices – about my spending; about my occupation – and my level of income is linked to that. If I had a stronger financial focus I would make different choices.
  • Would you have it any other way?
  • It’s not a thing to have and to hold. It’s about what it enables you to do.
  • What’s the point of just having it in the bank? Rainy days.
  • Buddhist economics and right livelihood.
And only loosely related but this stuck with me:
  • We’re not emotionally literate in this society and especially in the professional world – we wear a human-less mask.
You are invited to have the money conversation – with yourself, and with others. What are *your* thoughts? Email or tweet them. They will get added to this conversation post.

We’re talking about money.

When: Tuesday 20th September 2011, between 6pm and 10pm.

Where: at mine (that’s in Splott, Cardiff).


The Agora (Greek: Ἀγορά, Agorá) was an open “place of assembly” in ancient Greek city-states. This is what we are re-creating here: a free, open space to meet and hold conversations in – an Agoractive Space. The setup is very informal; it is loosely based on Open Space principles (for the geeks like me who may be interested, but you don’t need to know about those to take part).

I’m opening up my house into an Agoractive Space, and extending an invitation to whoever is interested, to come and have conversations about topics we don’t usually have the opportunity to discuss. It will probably be a bi-monthly occurrence, and this is the first. The theme and topic of exploration this time is: MONEY. Just turn up and explore the topic to your heart’s content.


– location: because it’s my home address, I don’t really want to splash it over the whole of the tinterwebs. So if you think you might like to come over for this, drop me a line or a text (+7877 038 084) and I will send you the address. There’s no obligation though – even if you end up not coming over, that’s okay. If there’s even a 1% chance you may take part, find out where it is taking place.

– times: you can turn up anytime that suits you, from 6pm. You can leave anytime that suits you, until 10pm (at which time I will politely but firmly be kicking everybody out and going to bed). You can stay 5 mins, or 4 hours. It’s up to you, and what conversations you get into, and how much you enjoy them. To continue conversations or start new ones after this session, anyone can open an Agoractive Space of their own – all you need to do is propose a time, place and theme.


Turn up. Have an interest in the topic and a willingness to discuss it.

How it works: 
You are free to come and go.
You are responsible for the use you make of your time, and for the quality of your interactions with the other participants.
Whoever is in this space are the right people; you will find here what you seek.

One last thing: We will collate the main thoughts, outcomes, revelations, ideas, etc. to share with one another and with people who couldn’t take part. They will be published on this blog.

Cost: Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. It’s free.

See you there?