I help you make conscious choices

for life, work and play


plantMy name is Noreen Blanluet and I am a personal and business coach.

Whether you’ve had disruption happen unexpectedly in your life, or you are determined to change something that is no longer working for you, I am here to support your process of change, adaptation and growth. Drawing on a wide range of disciplines and techniques, I hear your voice and help you pick a path that is aligned with your most profound desires and aspirations – creating lightness, ease and joy.

If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur, I offer the above combined with co-designed systems and mindful strategy that free up your time and capacity to do more of that thing that you went independent to do in the first place. (Just because you’re self-employed doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own.)

If you are a conscious leader from the non-profit or public sector, I will help you to preserve your personal ecology, sanity and energy, while you keep on changing the world.

With 10 years’ experience of supporting clients with life and with work, with spirituality and everyday practicalities… I can help.


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